New Release – Bite my Tongue (EP) by Chabliz & Dizzy Panda

New Release – Bite my Tongue (EP) by Chabliz & Dizzy Panda

The Dutch band Chabliz (South Holland) and the mysterious duo Dizzy Panda (North Holland) present their joint EP, where each of them has made their own adaptation of an existing song of the other. They are releasing the EP ‘Bite my Tongue’ on 14th July. 

How did you meet?

“We have never met……we were matched in a mailing by musical editor Willem Kamps (  The inspiration for this project arose after we discovered each other through the Snob2000″. Dizzy Panda took 1124th place in 2022, while Chabliz was just above them at 1122 with one of their songs.” 

Which songs did you choose and why?

“Chabliz edited Dizzy Panda’s 2021 song ‘Bite My Tongue’. The beats have been omitted and singer Petra de Winter of Chabliz has entered into a duet with Ntll, the original singer of the song. In addition, the instruments have largely been replaced with double bass (Marcel Peters) and keys (Pim van Riezen).” 

“Dizzy Panda picked ‘Glastonbury Grove’ from Chabliz’s 2022 album ‘Heroes and Foes’. The original is inspired by director David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series. Dizzy Panda tried to capture the atmosphere of the series, like a collage, using only samples. “There was only one condition: Something from every musician must be used. And so samples of the original bass, piano and vocals are reflected in the edit of the song. We also incorporated all kinds of references to the series and the director in the song. Probably around 30. It’s not really a song, more something like a collage, musically it’s undoubtedly the B-side.”  

“DJ Skyjump also did a remix of Bite my Tongue last year. I think it is our most streamed song so far with over 50.000 streams. So, I thinkanother version to celebrate this milestone.”

The EP will be available online on all major streaming services from July 14th. A pre-save is available.  


Dizzy Panda:


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