New release – Bite my Tongue by Dizzy Panda

New release – Bite my Tongue by Dizzy Panda

Dizzy Panda are a producers duo from The Netherlands. They don’t stick to a specific genre and like to blend genres with a touch of psychedelic (Dizzy) or retro (Panda) influences. Like all panda’s they have a bright and a dark side….

After the funky ‘One by One’ the track ‘Bite My Tongue’ can best be described as moody, dark, retro, chill and pop.

‘Bite my tongue’ will be available as from July 31th. Click this link for a pre-save.

“The track is probably too long for playlists these days, but we really didn’t want to cut it in half.”

“For the music video we used 3 pictures by the Iranian photograph Javad Esmaeili.”

The video for ‘Bite my Tongue’ is already available.

More unreleased work by Dizzy Panda can often be found at