New Release – Big Ina by Voldo

New Release – Big Ina by Voldo

Voldo are an alternative three piece band from Ayrshire, Scotland. Spanning across many genres of music, influences taken from all over the globe, they churn it up & spit it out in the form of Voldo. Vocals by Kyle Meldrum & Amanda Lorean, Beats/Production by Nunny Boy.  

The new release by Voldo is called ‘Big Ina‘. It will be released on all major streaming platforms on February 5th. Here’s what Nunny Boy had to say about ‘Big Ina’:

“This song is more drum ‘n bass / EDM style for us. The inspiration came from the guitar hook. We always wanted to do a track about people that go missing, vanish without a trace, some just don’t want to be found for whatever reason. We hope it raises awareness that some people can’t deal with certain issues & just wish they could run away. What you see on the outside isn’t always the true story, so mental health awareness I guess?” 

“The guitar hooks were sent to me from two Ayrshire based guitarists, Ian McManus & Jam McMillan, the rest of the track was recorded & mixed at The Banger Factory by Nunny Boy, with Amanda Lorean on lead vocals with Kyle Meldrum.”

“The artwork is a photo of Ian who played the hook, since the COVID-19 pandemic started back in March 2020 we haven’t seen him, his nickname is ‘Big Ina’, so we decided to put his face on a milk carton like the ones you see for missing people.”

“So far the song has been received really well by lots of Radio Stations & Podcast shows, one really cool comparison was ‘it’s like Radiohead meets The Streets’, NMS Podcast.”

“We’ve had Smoove & Turrell play our stuff. They say it reminds them of The Avalanches, Eels and Beck, but with our own unique sound.”