New Release – Beyond the Transporter Bridge by ROJOR

New Release – Beyond the Transporter Bridge by ROJOR

ROJOR is a singer-songwriter from the Northeast of England with a track record of national radio airplay at BBC Radio 2, BBC Scotland, RTE Radio 1. ROJOR’s music has a melancholy chilled vibe with shimmering indie guitars and at times a retro electronic feel.

“I lost a close uncle earlier this year and it got me thinking about where we all go in the end – once we cross over the bridge.”

“My new song ‘Beyond the Transporter Bridge’ is an emotional exploration of our finite existence, with an emphasis on our roots and those we hold close. It’s loaded with lots of strong imagery from my hometown and the cover artwork features the bridge.”

“I wanted the lyric to have a sense of hope and to carry a spiritual message. I was raised on Teesside, which is a heavily industrialised area in the Northeast of England and the Transporter Bridge is an iconic symbol in the area and represents a sense of identity. Lyrically I wanted to use the image of the bridge as a symbol of connection, of a journey from one shore to another. I wanted the lyrics to speak of home and a sense of belonging as well as representing a spiritual crossing point.”

“Releasing new music as an indie artist is always scary and filled with anxiety as we haven’t got the guarantee of plays offered by major labels with their huge marketing budgets. We instead rely on the kindness of strangers – those beautiful souls who think it’s important to support indie artists and to back us. I’m always grateful to my fans for their love and support. Together we’re a great team.”

‘Beyond the Transporter Bridge’ is available worldwide on all good streaming platforms from Friday 4th August 2023.


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