New Release – Better Without You by KALLEA

New Release – Better Without You by KALLEA

“I’ve been a singer since the age of 4 and my own musical journey started with performing in dance shows and musical theatre productions. I co-wrote my self-titled debut EP at the age of just 9, tackling themes such as mental health, finding yourself and achieving your dreams.”

Now 11, her sound is contemporary pop with heartfelt lyrics, which take you on an emotional journey. With powerful vocals and an incredibly deep connection with the lyrics, KALLEA will leave you spellbound.

KALLEA released her new track ‘Better Without You’ yesterday.

“It was written about an experience I had earlier this year where someone, who should have been looking out for me, tried to destroy my soul & make me feel like I wasn’t good enough. Whilst it was a difficult situation to be put in, I learned a lot from their mistreatment: I learned to be stronger, I learned my worth and I learned just who I am. Nothing can stop me from following my dreams and I know now that who I am is, and always was, more than enough.”

“I think that so many people will be able to relate to the lyrics as I’m sure they also have someone that they’re better off without too, whether that be a toxic friendship or a relationship gone sour. The words show that nobody will fight for you better than yourself.”

“This is the first release working with songwriters Archie and Jack from the Write Music Group. It was recorded at home and mastered by the team.”

“I love music. I also love the connection that music can provide for people and, so, I want to create music where people get THAT kind of connection with my music.”