New release – Beginnings of Ends by Lyon Tide

New release – Beginnings of Ends by Lyon Tide

Darren Barnard (vocals, guitar), Anthony La Pusata (keyboards) and Girish Patel (bass, drums) are Lyon Tide, a three-piece alternative pop rock band from Birmingham, UK. Their debut song ‘Closure‘ reached the top spot in our chart. The follow up ‘Blind‘ can be found in our current chart. These tracks and more can be found on their soon to be released debut album ‘Beginnings of Ends’.

Your debut album will be released on April 16th. Does this date have a special significance?

“Each of our release dates are selected to mark celebrations or birthdays of the people around us. The debut single ‘Closure’ was released on the first day of the new year, ‘Blind’ was released on Anthony’s birthday and the album release is on Darren’s partner’s birthday. We will continue to do this throughout the year with each release we do, kind of like an in-joke thing.”

Is there a link to pre-save?

There sure is! It can be found here. Plus, as a token of our appreciation, anyone who pre-saves and follows us on Spotify will get access to a free dubstep remix of our debut single ‘Closure’. The album is also available for pre-sale on Bandcamp and Apple Music.

Is there a consistent lyrical style throughout the album? Is it a concept album? What’s it about?

“You could probably call it a concept album in terms of sound as we like to experiment a lot and while we endeavor to maintain an identifiable Lyon Tide sound, we also prefer to keep our songs quite distinguished from one another in the hope they are more memorable. Lyrically, yes, there is a consistency of style, primarily because they all come from Anthony and also because they are mostly about either relationships or life in general. Either way, they’re all quite melancholic because that’s his predominant style and as you might have guessed. The album title also came from him. In the end, we all agreed to name the album ‘Beginnings Of Ends’ for a couple of reasons, one being that this is the beginning of our musical endeavor and are conscious that it will undoubtedly end some time in the future. Secondly, as we mentioned, the tracks are about relationships and life, both of which inevitably begin to end as soon as they are conceived.”

Do you have a favourite song on the album? Which one and why is it your favourite?

That depends on which one of us you ask, we all have our own personal preferences and find it difficult to agree on just one universal favourite but that’s also due to our varying taste in music. If you asked Darren he would say, ‘Believe Me I’m A Liar’ as he prefers the more ‘cheesy’ upbeat tracks whereas Anthony is ‘lactose-intolerant’ and prefers more dramatic meaningful songs like ‘Gold’ and ‘Someone’. Girish feels ‘Gold’ is the best track on the entire album. So, we guess that’s two against one; ‘Gold’ is quite a reflective track about life’s twists and turns, people’s struggles and how the only constant is hope. At the end of the day, it’s all very subjective though, isn’t it? However, in answer to your question, you could say this album is our top ten favourite tracks of the moment in no particular order, so yeah, let’s just say they’re all our favourites.

Does the whole album fit into a particular musical genre, or does it borrow from multiple forms?

“That’s a very good question and also quite difficult to answer. We always struggle to pigeon-hole our sound and generally go for a mash-up of genres like indie electro-pop/rock in our description. As mentioned in a previous question, combined we have a myriad of musical influences; from John Lennon to Erasure through to The Smashing Pumpkins and we feel that this album hosts all of these musical genres and then some — from Closure’s shoe-gaze anthemic rock sound to Blind’s 80s synth pop banging beat but then there are soothing tracks like Fight which is purely acoustic piano, however, with that said, there does seem to be one constant which is pop/rock so if we did had to pigeon-hole our sound, it would probably be that.”