New Release – Battle Lines by Sterickoy

New Release – Battle Lines by Sterickoy

Hailing from Blackpool (UK) Sterickoy blends groove and Stoner metal influences such as Clutch, Orange Goblin, Pantera, together with more classical tastes such as Black Sabbath and rainbow. Also heavenly influenced by Japanese Rock/metal bands, AA=, SIM, Crossfaith, Man with a mission, Sterickoy hopes to create unique music drawing on said influences whilst also blending aspects of sci fi, gaming and science.

The new single is called ‘Battle Lines’ and will be out on 4th November (UK).

What’s the song about?

“I wanted to capture the feeling of both preparing and going into battle and the anxiety and energy that can create. Whether this be in a more physical sense or phycological sense sometimes there comes a point where one has to stand their ground.”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“I recorded, mixed and mastered this track at my home studio as I have with my previous releases. I feel ‘Battle Lines’ shows that whilst I am still learning I am growing as a producer/engineer.”

What’s your favourite memory of writing and/or recording?

“I intended on writing a middle 8 which would be heavily synth orientated however as I was developing the sense of energy and almost marching with the build up I thought why couldn’t I do as ‘In Flames’ would and have a kinda synth lead guitar solo trade off? The whole section developed really well and flows smoothly – I hope listeners agree!”

“On a side note and a bit of a quirky one, the whole song came around as I was watching 80’s uk tv ads. An ad for vatalite (a margarine) came on and the rhythm is really catchy. I thought that could so be metal. A bit of a jam later and the verse for ‘Battle Lines’ developed.”