New Release – Balls Out by Invisible Squirrel and Lewca

New Release – Balls Out by Invisible Squirrel and Lewca

After Invisible Squirrel remixed one of Lewca’s songs earlier this year, they have now teamed up for ‘Balls Out’. The song is out 8th September.

Lewca: “The squirrel and I have been chatting for a while on Twitter, he was kind enough to offer to do a remix of my tune ‘Broken Window’ that was featured on my ‘Deconstructivism’ EP. We both wanted to do a collab after that but it took a few months due to commitments and whatnot, I’m glad it worked out, it’s a fun tune.”

The squirrel: “The track has existed for about 6 months as an instrumental and is the second track on the Invisible Squirrel mix tape album ‘Chief and McMurphy’ which was released at the beginning of August and can be found here.”

Lewca: “The lyrics started off being about cigarettes and alcohol and slowly moved away to be about the average bloke going on a bender as a release to the pressure of everyday life. The squirrel was quite directive in regards to what he liked or not, which helped to quickly find a direction we were both happy with.”

The squirrel: “Collaborating with Lewca is always going to be an invigorating process. He sent me around 15 vocal tracks which gives me as a producer/remixer enormous scope to work up the track and pick the best bits. The theme that you dance away the mundanity of your 9-5 life at the weekend emerged early on and Lewca totally capitalised on it because ultimately that’s pretty much who he is. A true rock star. Flamboyant. Possessed with a genuine ‘do-not-give-a-fk’ about how you view his art. It’s refreshing to collaborate with someone so at ease with performing so unleashed – he gives very little time for wondering whether it is cool or not. Ultimately that probably is the essence of coolness – not being preoccupied with whether you are or not!”

The squirrel: “The video has an interesting story behind it. I found some great dancing on YouTube to a tune that I worked out the bpm to and that was why I started writing the original track, so I could synchronise the finished result to the dancers. When we finished ‘Balls Out’ I whizzed over the video to Lewca and he polished it up with some great effects.”

The squirrel: “The artwork is a still frame from one of Lewca’s previous videos. It captures the wild-abandonment of a guy flipping out on the dance floor really well. We just played around with the colours to make it more vibrant. Like Lewca.”

Bio Lewca: Lewca currently lives in France, has three kids & a mortgage & a semi-domesticated hedgehog named Sonic.

Bio Invisible Squirrel: Invisible Squirrel was invented as an alt-persona for a human who has no desire to chase the streams or fluff the social media algorithms.