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New Release – B.P.M. (album) by Portobello Express

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Vienna-based band Portobello Express are like a time portal into the golden age of the Psychedelic heavy blues rock, exploring a sound that has its roots in the 60s and 70s and harnessing that era’s unique, raw energy whilst paying homage to their multicultural roots.

They initially formed the band in 2010 and their broad influences have seeped into their music, giving them a sound that is both retro and fresh. Patrick has been heavily influenced by the British music scene, having played R’n’B for 30 years with his other Viennese band, The Jaybirds. Betty cites West Coast Psych Rock in the U.S. as a formative influence and they are both big fans of Black Sabbath and Rainbow.

Their album is called ‘B.P.M.’ It will be released on 10th May. It will only be available via Bandcamp on CD or download, with streaming services to follow.

Is this album different from your previous?

“Definitely, yes. Up to now we have been a single / EP kind of band. But since we had some ideas this time, we decided to go on the adventure of producing an album. However, we left some ideas aside. They didn’t seem to fit into the overall concept. The direction is as usual psych rock, but this time some of the songs are drifting more in the direction of heavy rock. In the arrangements you can clearly hear our preference for bands like Deep Purple, Trapeze or Jefferson Airplane.”

Did you have to overcome any difficulties with the writing or recording?

“As is usual with our songwriter Betty, some of the songs were finished in a flash, while others took a bit longer to write. The year 2022 was marked by our live performances for the successful EP ‘You Cry’. Unfortunately, singer Betty’s health problems came up again and again. As our drummer was confronted with personal problems, the recording of the album became a challenge for us in autumn 2022. But with the help of our producer Andy, we managed to realize what we had wanted to achieve.”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“All Portobello Express material has always been recorded at farbTon studio with our friend and producer Andy Abraham. Andy is a renowned Austrian guitarist who runs his studio in Vienna and produces and releases selected bands for his label.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork?

“The cover artwork is based on a photo of our singer taken at a festival in 2022 by a talented young photographer, Zoe Tiffany. We came up with the idea of changing the image to an abstract one and Betty came up with the idea of the lettering. With the help of Andy, we were able to complete the cover on our own. The cover is not only a sum of quotes – which music freaks might recognize – but it also contains the message behind this album: darkness, rays of hope, friendship, liberation, rage…. But most of all, we look forward to seeing how our fans interpret the cover!”

Written by: leancool20

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