New Release – ARTURIA (EP) by Joe Adhemar

New Release – ARTURIA (EP) by Joe Adhemar

Joe Adhemar (UK) is a studio based musician flitting between producing/remixing others and creating his own eclectic output of tunes. Joe will be releasing his EP ARTURIA on May 8th.

“Since the release of my album ‘Existential Dreadlocks’ in February I’ve been getting to grips with a number of new soft synths that came with the Arturia V collection – a birthday present to myself. It’s an assortment of software versions of synthesisers built in the late 70’s and 80’s and for someone like me, who was a kid during that time, it is an absolute delight to be able to create/write with a palette that is so embedded in my early years as a listener and musician. The EP is a hat-tip to pioneers of synthesisers in popular music such as Vince Clarke of Yazoo and Depeche Mode, Paul Buchanan of Blue Nile and Giorgio Moroder, who I describe as the disco Gandalf.”

“Each song was about 20 hours to write, mix and master. But I tend to give songs a couple of hours attention, each time, then close the project. Obsessive and lengthy periods of time working on one track tend to be quite unproductive as familiarity either breeds contempt or over complication when I am in the creative process. Same for mixing too.”

What’s the most accessible song on the album?

“GIORGIO probably. The octaved synth bass line is very much an exact replica of the sound Giorgio Moroder used on many of his disco classics. I use it sparingly to begin with but by the end of the song I’m full on with the 70’s disco vibe. The synth is a Yamaha CS-80 that Vangelis used so much. Arguably the most expensive synth ever built. An incredibly versatile synth.”

Do you have a favourite song on the album? Which one and why is it your favourite?

“Probably track 3 – ‘Goodbye my Friend’ as it is to date, the only vocal performance I’ve ever done that I like!”

Is there a song on the album you’re nervous about releasing out to the world?

“Probably ‘Goodbye my friend’ again, as the lyric is quite personal.”

The video for ‘Power Lines’ is already available.