New Release – Are You Doing Ok? (EP) by Hollie Rhiannon

New Release – Are You Doing Ok? (EP) by Hollie Rhiannon

Hollie Rhiannon is a musician and songwriter from the North West of England. Hollie likes to experiment with her sound with her music being a mixture of alternative/indie, folk and acoustic, with ethereal undertones. Her EP ‘Are You Doing Ok?’ is releasing June 21st. A pre-save is available.

How would you describe the album?

“The EP covers topics of childhood, nostalgia, mental health and the loss of loved ones. One of the songs is written specifically about childhood nostalgia and I think that brings some lightheartedness to what are otherwise pretty serious topics.”

Is there a song on the album you are nervous about releasing to the world?

“Track 3 is titled ‘Lucida’ which translates to ‘the brightest star in the sky’. I wrote Lucida as a way of coping with the death of my best friend and a family member. It’s extremely personal and I’m nervous to have it out in the world because I feel very vulnerable doing so, but it’s my way of saying goodbye to these people because in reality that was something I was unable to do.”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“The whole thing was recorded and mixed by me! Having written something so personal, I really wanted to try and produce it myself. I think it was important to have this all to myself so I could really make it exactly what I wanted it to be.”

What message do you hope your music sends to listeners? What do you hope they can take away from your songs?

“All of the songs I write reflect where I currently am on my life’s journey. I was often made to feel like I had to hide how I was feeling so I know there are a lot of people out there that feel like it’s better if they close off their feelings and don’t talk about them. If they hear my music and find some comfort in it then I feel like that’s my job done. I want people to see that they’re not alone, and maybe find some comfort in my lyrics.”


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