New Release – Apocalypse by Andre Pettipas

New Release – Apocalypse by Andre Pettipas

Andre Pettipas is known as the frontman of ‘Grease Coast Rock N’ Roll’ band, Andre Pettipas and The Giants. Andre has been working on a collection of songs and collaborations that will be compiled at the end of the year to make his first solo record titled, ‘Dreja Vu.’ His first solo single ‘Apocalypse’ will be out 4th March. A pre-save is available.

“I wrote this song in mid-January after a discussion with my brother and band member, Travis Pettipas. We were talking about the state of the world and how it feels like we were living in the apocalypse; the insane weather (flooding, winter blizzards etc.) at the time, mass hysteria in the media and the ongoing pandemic. The conversation we had stemmed this entire project actually. We both decided to release a single on the same date and help inspire each other to finish further tracks throughout the year.”

“A lyric in the song states, “If this is the apocalypse let’s not let our empires fade” which is basically encouraging myself and listeners to live each day like it’s your last. Follow through on projects that you’ve been working on but were too self-conscious or doubtful about because you never know if you’ll get another chance for them to get out there in the world. I was getting so wrapped up in my own head. You’d turn on the radio and there would be no music; just numbers of covid cases on, what it felt like to be repeat.”

“This song is a heavily synth driven song. My first instrument is the guitar but it was the last instrument I added to the mix to round it out. As far as influences/RIYL for the song I would say Jack White and The Killers meet up for a late night session in the Sundance Saloon with Linkin Park.”

“I recorded, performed and mixed the whole song in my basement studio. It was a total hands on experience. One that I’ve been meaning to do for years but finally had the pandemic fire lit under me to finally release solo material.”