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New Release – Anywhere by Days of Tomorrow

todayDecember 5, 2022 117 2

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Nottingham (UK) based The Days of Tomorrow are Gareth Peel (guitarist, producer, singer songwriter) and Matt Williams (bassist and vocalist) featuring Chloe Phillips (flautist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist). The band formed in early lockdown .

“After being discharged from hospital in the summer of 2021, my world imploded. My health wasn’t improving and I simultaneously had just received the news that my father was dying. It seemed surreal because we fell ill around the same time. We shared neighbouring wards and would both regularly comfort one another in the corridor – at a safe distance. While my life had just been saved, my dad had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.”

“I had just gotten through the worst of covid pneumonia and was putting my trauma behind me. When, right out of the blue, I could no longer feel my legs, I could barely walk, I had ataxia, struggled with fine motor skills, I could not control my body temperature, I experience chest pains and sudden high heart rate upon standing. This is the long covid that nobody mentions and the condition that does not show up on standard tests. Having exhausted the doctor’s usual repertoire and because of all I had endured, they convinced my family that this was in fact a mental heath episode.”

“Threatened with being sectioned, I was prescribed therapy, counselling and even hypnotherapy. While this failed to heal my very real illness, the treatment encouraged me to put my angst, fears and frustrations into a song…’Anywhere’ was created.”

“It is our most angriest and darkest song. Lyrically it touches upon the isolation and neglect of those with long covid, the government abandoning its responsibilities for public health, the misinformation and censorship that is broadcasted and how the last months with my father had been tarnished.”

“The song was recorded and mixed at Gareth Peel’s home studio and the song is very different to our last release. When writing ‘Anywhere’, we wanted to create a “musical Frankenstein” – something to hate and symbolise what Gareth was going through. Stylistically, this made the song very different to our others.”

“We hope to get a cathartic experience and to put the story is out there to be heard. The song will be accompanied with a music video, however this is currently unavailable. The song is very personal and autobiographical and so we dithered with its release. Because of this, we’re very nervous about how it will be received. I am also worried that the reality portrayed in the song will be too alien for the average listener to relate to.”

‘Anywhere’ will be out 9th December. A pre-save is available here.

Written by: leancool20

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