New Release – Anticipation by FedbySound

New Release – Anticipation by FedbySound

Fedbysound is multi-instrumentalist Mark Grider from Southern California. He began his musical journey at the age of 15 when he first picked up guitar. He released his debut album in August 2020. His new track ‘Anticipation’ will be released tomorrow.

“The song is about a fight with a loved one. I’m a fixer by nature, so I prefer to talk things through and not let go of the issue until it is resolved. The people closest to me need time and space to process things, which is difficult for me. In the song I use the metaphor of an airplane pilot waiting to get clearance for landing before time runs out and the plane comes crashing down, because in those moments I feel suspended in anticipation.”

“It was written on November 5, 2020. The bulk of the song was completed in one day, while in that state of anticipation that the song discusses, so the emotion is very real. It began with some chords that captured the mood I was in and then the lyric “sometimes it feels like tomorrow will never be today” came to me and the rest just flowed from there.”

“I think this release it different from previous releases. It’s the first song with acoustic guitar in it. Also, it’s the first one where I incorporate sound effects. In this case, I added airplane sounds and a spoken part where the pilot radios the tower. As the metaphor in the lyrics developed, it became obvious to me that the additions could strengthen the imagery and reinforce the meaning. It makes an otherwise fairly straightforward song come to life in a unique way that doesn’t feel like a gimmick to me. I’m happy with the way it turned out.”