New Release – Animals (EP) by The Missed Trees

New Release – Animals (EP) by The Missed Trees

The Missed Trees are an alt-folk duo from Birmingham (UK) consisting of singer-songwriter/ guitarist Joe Peacock and singer/fiddle player Louisa Davies-Foley.

The Missed Trees are releasing their debut EP ‘Animals’ on 21st April. A pre-save is available.

How would you describe the EP?

Louisa: “It’s three original songs which are all in some way about animals and the way humans have interacted with them. I’d describe it as acoustic folk with a bit of an edge, but Joe calls it alt-folk. I think he is a bit more up on his sub-genre definitions than me!”

Joe: “We have a lot of songs that we’ve rehearsed, so we’re grouping the EPs according to themes – this one’s animals and you’ll find out what else we’ve got later in the year… The three songs all have a different feel and tempo to them and we think they’re a good introduction to The Missed Trees.”

Do you have a favourite song on the EP? Which one and why is it your favourite?

Louisa: “That’s a difficult question… I am definitely split between two. But I’m going to opt for ‘Big Mary’ which is about a circus elephant that was brutally hung after she stampeded over her trainer, in fear no doubt. It was one of the first of Joe’s songs I learnt. It’s immeasurably sad but I love singing it and the simplicity of the arrangement.”

Joe: “Yes, it’s difficult, but I’d have to say ‘Dian’ is my favourite – and it’s my wife’s, too. I think it’s got some of the best harmonies that I’ve written and has a slightly more positive message, as it’s about a famous conservationist who did a lot of good for the natural world!”

What message do you hope your music sends to listeners? What do you hope they can take away from your songs?

Louisa: “I hope our music encourages people to be curious about the world and to go and explore it. All of the songs are stories really – and stories are what make us human and give meaning to our lives.”

Joe: “I completely agree. I tackle some pretty dark stories in my lyrics, but that’s not because I want to depress people, it’s because I think we can always learn and grow from stories about what’s happened to other people, or even animals.”

Did you have to overcome any difficulties with the writing or recording?

Louisa: “I come from a traditional folk background so Joe’s songs are quite unfamiliar territory for me. I usually sing traditional songs and play tunes like reels and jigs for ceilidhs and in pub sessions – so it is all really different for me. However, that’s also what makes it enjoyable – great to do something different!”

Joe: “I always want to get things done faster, but Louisa wants to get things right, so I’ve had to learn to be patient. I was hoping the EP would be out last year, but I’m really happy that we’ve got three songs we can be proud of now and we’re ready to launch it properly.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

Louisa: “It’d be lovely to get some more gigs locally and further afield & grow our following!”

Joe: “There’s a thriving folk scene around the country and we want to find our place in it. I hope people will hear this and be excited to hear what else we can do. We’re looking forward to our launch gig at The Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham on 22nd April and then, as Louisa says, we’re looking to book more gigs and release more songs.”

Bio Joe: Joe has released three albums as a solo artist, but now teams up with Louisa to bring another dimension to his songs. His lyrics go to places other songwriters fear to tread, with stories about activists, adventurers, animals, artists, hermits and whatever else piques his interest.

Bio Louisa: Louisa has a background in traditional music and has played in a number of West Midlands based folk bands including Elfynn, The Dirty Old Folkers and Amaranth.


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