New Release – An Empty Place (EP) by DrEw

New Release – An Empty Place (EP) by DrEw

DrEw is an independent musician from Manchester (UK), who now resides on the southeast coast of the UK. After releasing 6 home produced singles since May 2020, ‘An Empty Place’ is his first EP. ‘An Empty Place’ will be out 24th September.

“This is my first release recorded in a studio proper, with a producer – the incredible Michael Smith at RYP Recordings in London. The time in the studio with Michael was amazing from beginning to end, and his vast musical knowledge and production skills are all over this EP. Loved every minute of my time in the studio with him and the brilliant musicians he brought in to play on the tracks.”

“The EP is a collection of 4 songs, all about life, love, and music. Each song is also a love song, in part to my partner of 23 years, but also they are love songs to this crazy thing we call life, and to the unconditional love we can all be and all deserve to receive from the unfolding of the universe itself! If we can just get out of our own way and find that Empty Place that is our true reality, free from worries and hang ups, our pains and sorrows, then both our individual lives and the world could be a much better place!”

“People can decide for themselves, but my favourite track on the EP is the second track ‘My Turn’, which is a final dedication my life partner, who has led the way for me from the moment I met her. If I get the chance, it is now my turn to lead the way!”