New Release – Amy by Skylar Nevaeh

New Release – Amy by Skylar Nevaeh

Skylar Nevaeh is an artist and producer from The Netherlands. Her style can best be described as chill and fresh. Always having had an interest in music and wanting to share her passion, she started producing music on her computer at a young age. She produces, mixes and masters her own songs. Her new single ‘Amy‘ will be released May 14th.

“I called this song ‘Amy’ because this song is about a girl who I wish I could be like. For the title, I chose the first random name that came to my mind while writing the song. This track tells a story about a girl who has had a past with unfortunate things happening. However, she had the possibility to move on from her past and see every day as a new beginning with new opportunities. I think many people can relate to the feeling of holding on to our past and feeling like it can control us.”

“It’s also about growing up and turning into an adult, which is the phase I am currently in right now. So this song is inspired by my own life, as well as the story from the fictional character I created, called Amy. The way I feel like life goes in general inspired me to write this song as well. Life comes with ups and downs and I wanted to portray Amy as someone who has the courage to move on every time she faces an obstacle. Bad to really bad things could be happening, because life can become very dark. However, like my goal in most of my songs, I wanted this song to have a hopeful vibe, a light at the end of the tunnel feeling. I hope to achieve that with this song. One of the phrases that carry this message is “better days are ahead”.”

“Similar to my song ’11:11′ I want to believe in the lyrics I wrote. Where as ’11:11′ is about wishing and dreaming and believing the wish will come true, ‘Amy’ is about loving yourself even though things in life might get hard. One of the lines in the song is “she left all of her past behind.” I know it’s rare to just completely leave all your past behind. However, like Amy, I wouldn’t want the bad things from the past that I can let go of to influence my future too much.”

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