New Release – Always Be There by Diddie Hair

New Release – Always Be There by Diddie Hair

On 8 January 2020 Diddie Hair released his new track ‘Always Be There‘. He mentioned he was working on this track when I interviewed him some time ago. Back then he told me he was working on a new sound for this track. What does he have to say about it now?

“It’s not like anything I’ve done before, although it’s along the lines of being similar to
GFSL’ in that it’s an upbeat song.”

“With every song I make, once they are finished there is always a waiting period where you are trying to build interest from people. It’s at that point between the track being finished and waiting to release it that it’s difficult not to get excited, but also nervous at the same time. Excited because you want people to hear it, but also nervous because you don’t know what the reaction to it will be. I don’t think anyone purposefully writes a song that is no good, but everyone’s taste is different. To be fair the feedback I’ve had from almost all of my tracks has been positive up to now, so I guess I’m due a duff one at some point.”

“All of my songs are recorded and mixed in a bedroom. I generally record the main parts at home and then send them to Chris Norfolk (my sponsor/manager), who will sometimes add his bits to it and then we will sit down at his house and mix it there. Unfortunately this time, due to COVID-19 restrictions we haven’t been able to do the mixing side at his house, so I did it myself with some help from Chris via Zoom, which was challenging but I think we managed to get there in the end.”

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