New Release – Alone by Lyon Tide

New Release – Alone by Lyon Tide

Lyon Tide are a three piece alternative pop rock band currently based out of Birmingham (UK). They met at art class whilst at college. Lyon Tide released their first album ‘Beginnings of Ends’ in 2021. ‘Alone’ is the first single from their second album due out later this year.

What inspired you to write this song?

“It’s quite an emotional rollercoaster this one as it is based on a true story around attempted suicide. Not the nicest of themes to write a song about but it was pretty close to home and they say if you write it down, it helps relieve the pain – so that’s what we did. Throughout the track there is the recurring plea of not wanting to belong and the need to be different, however, experience has taught us that if you achieve difference you end up being disregarded by society and eventually feel alone. Unfortunately, loneliness plays a lot of nasty tricks on your mind. In fact, the person the song is based on, is no longer with us.”

How would you describe it?

“Powerful, deep and heartfelt but at the same time very relatable if anyone takes the time to read the lyrics. Daz, our lead singer, feels very proud of the vocals on this one, claiming they are the best he’s done yet. We can’t help but modestly agree and are very happy with the track despite its thematic.”

Why did you decide to release ‘Alone’ as the first single of your upcoming album?

“We decided to use ‘Alone’ as our first single as we feel it’s a very powerful and personal song whilst also, in a certain sense, similar to our debut track, ‘Closure’, not in theme but in weight and sound. We have a tendency to release a darker track followed up with a wilder upbeat track in the next release. We like to play with your, the listener’s, senses. Think of us like a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. ;)”

‘Alone’ is out April 8th. You can pre-save here.