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New Release – All Night by Shadow of Light feat. Spitholic and Charlie Sanderson

todayMay 3, 2022 36

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Raised in Wolverhampton (UK), Shadow of Light was part of the emerging UK Garage scene in the late 90s. He was a DJ on 106.3 Frontline FM, and the passion for the genre has never faded. Emersed by UK Garage, hip hop and jungle from an early age, Shadow of Light’s productions have echoes of nostalgic inspirations, but he gives them a fresh, vibesy feel.

The new track is called ‘All Night’ and it features Spitholic and Charlie Sanderson. It will be available on May 6th.

“I’ve known Spitholic since way back in the 90s. When I was a DJ doing B2B sets with DJ LX on Frontline FM in Wolverhampton, he was an MC on a show with DJ EJ, X5Dubs and Bubbla MC, so we worked together then. Years later we got in touch when I started producing and since then we’ve released 2 tracks before this release, and we’ve got another track out this summer.”

“I knew of Charlie Sanderson through social media, but we didn’t have any real conversations. I just knew he was an amazing vocalist and I was a fan of his previous releases. I love collaborating with new artists and Charlie was one of those artists that I had on my hitlist to work with.”

Shadow of Light’s passion for collaborating can be seen as he has worked with numerous artists including Jack Light, Luna Ase, Spitholic, Redrum Music, TeeTotal & Charlie Sanderson, and with many more collaborations in the making, it’s an exciting time to be part of his journey.

“I had the vocal for the track a few years ago but the release never happened and the vocal was left on hold for a while. Last year I just felt it was the right time to bring it back to life and the track came together quite quickly. It needed a killer hook on the chorus and when I made a demo of the track, I couldn’t listen to it without imagining Charlie singing the chorus, so I made it my mission to get him on board. I sent him the demo last December and within a few days he’d sent me vocals to work with! It was meant to be.”

“This release is quite different from my previous releases. I’ve released a few hip hop tracks in the past, but not many. Most of my productions are UK Garage. Last year I just felt the time was right to slow down the BPM from 134 to 90, give UKG a break for a minute and see what I could cook up. I wanted to go for a nostalgic feel with a fresh vibe and when I had the hook sorted, I knew it was on the right path.”

The release comes with a video which will be available on the same day as the release. It will be on YouTube ((611) Spitholic Official – YouTube).

“The making of the video was an amazing experience. Myself and Spitholic drove from Liverpool to Essex to meet Charlie Sanderson and filmed a lot of the video in one day! It was a 500-mile round trip with loads of driving around and spotting locations to film. We had ideas in mind but we weren’t 100% sure where we’d make it happen. Luckily, the places we found worked perfectly, but we were even more lucky because it was a random Saturday in March and the sun was blazing. When you see the video, you’ll understand why it wouldn’t have worked if it had been a typical grey, rainy day in March in England!”

“When it comes to releases, I have the ‘Midnight Fear’. It’s where I have to check at midnight on the day of the release that everything’s uploaded right, that there’s no spelling mistakes or the wrong artwork attached and so on. I’ve mostly self-released my music so ultimately it’s on me to make sure everything is released right. That being said (when I’ve checked it and everything is okay, no more fear) I love the feeling I get from releasing a track. For me it’s about leaving a legacy for my daughters to have after I’m gone. For me to leave a small footprint of music in the world makes me happy, and knowing that they can go back and listen and watch my journey is a cool feeling.”

“As an extra bonus, I’ve also lined up the talented Odd Wall for remix duties and he’s produced a wicked remix of the track. He’s a producer that I’ve been working with on various projects recently and I was super happy when he agreed to give ‘All Night’ the Odd Wall treatment.”

Written by: leancool20

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