New Release – All Geared Up (album) by Daniel Tidwell

New Release – All Geared Up (album) by Daniel Tidwell

Daniel Tidwell wil be releasing his album ‘All Geared Up’ on May 15th. Here’s what he had to say about the album.

“This album dances on the border between progressive rock, and pop rock, and pop metal. That broad border covers most tracks with the exception of one or two tracks.”

“It’s the first album that didn’t start as a concept album. Half the tracks were designed as stand alone singles and the remainder were written specifically to link together the ‘story’ that emerged.”

“It was almost exactly 6 months from the start of ‘No More’ to the conclusion of ‘All Geared Up.’ As usual all tracks were recorded and mixed in various rooms in my home, with all vocals being done in the bathroom, just to add that little touch of reverb/echo most love to get we’re singing in the shower.”

“I think I balled all that anxiety I used to feel and tossed it into making this.”