New Release – Algorithm & Blues (album) by Bobby Edge

New Release – Algorithm & Blues (album) by Bobby Edge

Bobby Edge is a musician from Newburgh, NY (USA).

“A lot of people think it’s a stage name, but Edge is actually my last name. It’s a surname from England that was given to people who lived on the edge of town or near cliffs, so now that any coolness I potentially had has been obliterated let’s talk music.”

Before the pandemic he spent 6 years touring North America and Europe with a band called The Jukebox Romantics (Paper + Plastick and Sell the Heart Records) playing bass and singing. He left the band in 2020 wanting to carve out his own style, write outside of the box and blend all the different genres of music he loves listening to.

“It’s has taken some time, but I’m happy to have completed my first record and get it out there in the world and get back out on the road.”

The name of the record is ‘Algorithm & Blues’ and it releases 19th January. You can presave it on Spotify here.

How would you describe the album? 

“It’s my take on what I think the archetypal rock record is. Short and sweet with some suprises here and there, lots of harmony that plays well with the melody and a couple of classics thrown in for good measure. I took a lot of elements from doo-wop, surf rock, folk, punk and hardcore that I believe ended up gelling together nicely.”

What does the album’s title reveal?

“I’m always coming up with really bad puns that I’m amused by and this one just came to me while I was using social media to promote my music. It can be incredibly frustrating to me that we as artists in the internet age have to constantly try to figure out how to get picked up by the invisible and unpredictable force that is the social media algorithm to get our art in front of as many people as possible.”

Is there a song on the album you’re nervous about releasing out to the world.

“With the exception of the two singles I’ve released leading up to the launch ‘Momento Maury’ and ‘Endless Suffer’, I’m incredibly nervous for it all to be out in the open. All the lyrics I write are really personal to me and it can feel like standing in front of the whole world naked with nothing to hide.”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“I went to John Naclerio at Nada studio (My Chemical Romance, Brand New, Autopilot Off) because I love his work, he’s a blast to work with and he is someone who truly is in love with music and it shows in everything he puts out.”

What movie should feature your music and why?

“If David Lynch ever does another film I think a couple of these tunes could fit right into the soundtrack. The tune ‘Civil Wart’ on the album would go perfectly with Lynch’s themes of juxtaposition between seedy underbellies and white picket fences that simultaneously exist in the same space. The song itself is a blend of hardcore and classic 50s doo-wop and is just weird enough to compliment his style.”