New Release – Actions Speak Louder by The 95 Allstars

New Release – Actions Speak Louder by The 95 Allstars

The 95 Allstars are an indie band from Surrey. Their song ‘These Words’ can be found in our New Submissions #3 playlist. They’ve released a new track ‘Actions Speak Louder’ this Monday.

“The song is an Indie Rock classic, with power, energy and a full on BPM. With the swooping yet intricate guitars, hard ass back line and anthemic, melodic vocals we are proud to honour this genre.”

“Everyone has been in a job, ruled by a boss that has a complete disregard for people. A cruel and oppressive leader that clearly hasn’t the skills to motivate and inspire due to their own incapability and incompetence. What are you going to do? Succumb to their verbal tirades, just roll over and let it happen? Or rebel, fight the power, and tear the place down! This is a song about the latter. “Don’t spit your poison at me”, “I will bring your castle down, brick by brick you’ll see it come crashing down”.

“We want people to connect with the song. Once they hear and feel the energy, the words, they will relate to it. With everything that’s going on in the world today, why not release some of that pent up aggression by screaming out the lyrics in the car, the shower or dancing round the kitchen. That will have to do until the live music scene returns.”

“We thought long and hard about the artwork. We wanted something simple but poignant. The broken man in a suit conveys the struggles of a corporate life. As he fades from full colour to the bleak shell of a man, the choice lies with him as to how he returns to be his former self or remains non-existent.”