New Release – ‘A Little Piece Of Me’ by Brave New Broken Hearts Club

New Release – ‘A Little Piece Of Me’ by Brave New Broken Hearts Club

Brave New Broken Hearts Club is the vehicle for north London (UK) born songwriter and producer Neil Phillimore. Neil’s writing and producing skills for many years were put to use running a not-for-profit organisation, songwriting and recording for the wellbeing and mentoring of youth. The origins of his own creative project were simply the exercising of that same power of creativity for the sake of wellbeing in his own life, when confronted with the disappointment of having to stop the popular one-to-one sessions due to lack of funding.

At the end of 2021, following the release of the debut album ‘Not What We Call Love’, Brave New Broken Hearts Club completed a national house-gig tour that took in homes across the UK from Harlow to Sheffield via Wales. April 2022 sees the reprise of this intimate and personal approach to touring with a further tour travelling from Surrey to Lincolnshire, once again via Wales and capped off finally with two beautifully intimate headlining shows to be held in the gorgeous upstairs room of Islington’s finest public house, The Hemmingford Arms.

To coincide with the house-gig tour new single ‘A Little Piece Of Me’ will be released on April 8th. This fourth single release nods to a different area of influence. Whilst retaining Phillimore’s usual classic songwriting vibe – it is a much more driven affair, with electric guitars and big drums articulating his love of the three minute power-pop/rock song. You can pre-save it on Spotify here.

What’s the song about?

“I guess it’s supposed to be a fun take on who I am and how I am trying to operate in the world. I’m always looking to connect – to myself, with others – and I try to do that by being authentic, and offering something real of myself first. There’s of course a risk to that, you can be rejected or ridiculed – it’s a vulnerable way to be, but my feeling is that the rewards out-weigh the risk!”

What inspired you to write ‘A Little Piece Of Me’?

“I used to run a small charity which had some ‘values’ integral to its identity; a specific philosophy that was imbedded in the work which originally, I thought had the potential to act as inspiration for the lyric writing that we’d be doing in the songwriting and recording sessions we ran with young adults. Of course once I started the sessions it was very apparent that the young artists had more than enough inspiration and ideas of their own for writing… but before I knew this, I had thought to myself ‘Well if I’m going to suggest these values/concepts as inspiration I’d better see if they can inspire me to write a lyric first!’ It doesn’t really do the ‘values’ justice, but that was my starting point!”

When did you write it?

“I think it was way back in 2015! I remember at the time I was trying to work on ‘modernising’ my melodies a little, hence the ‘quick’ phrasing of the verses. At the time I thought it was a bit ‘throw away’ I wasn’t too convinced by it to be honest, but then playing it regularly as part of my live set – people started to respond really positively to it. It is one of the songs that often gets singled out for comment so it has become a bit of a favourite now! Of course it sounds a bit different now to how I play it live on my acoustic! I recorded it with electric guitars and some big old drums! It’s fun!”

Brave New Broken Hearts Club songs are lyrically prosaic, emotionally rich, hopeful, warm and heartfelt.