New Release – A Girl Called Winter by Postindustrial Poets

New Release – A Girl Called Winter by Postindustrial Poets

Postindustrial Poets were founded in Luxembourg in 2019, and play the songs of Pete Poet – born in the UK, but a long term resident of Luxembourg who now spends a lot of his time in Paris. Their sound aims to add the energy of indie rock to some sounds from blues and soul – but they have a LOT of influences. The songs have meaningful lyrics that usually tell stories but try not to take themselves too seriously.

Their new release ‘A Girl Called Winter’ is out 17th November. Pre-save the song here.

Is this track different from your previous releases? 

“Yes, our last few releases have been indie rockers – and we love that. This track is much more chilled as you might expect. I guess it is more lyrical too, although ‘Dancing With Ghosts’ has a relatively complex lyric. Each verse tells a new episode and introduces a new female character.”

“Instrumentally it is fairly stripped – basically bass and electric guitar over the percussion, with some quiet strings in the background. The chorus has a bit of jazz vibe, with an unexpected chord change – the instrumental section too.”

What message do you hope your music sends to listeners? 

“I want songs that tell the truth about life. Some of the songs are fairly literally straightforward accounts of things that have happened to me or to people I am close to. This track (and the last one) are more symbolic but I still want people to listen and say “life is like that”. I like to have some humour in the mix and there are some lines in this song that are meant to make you smile!”

Are you planning any videos for your music? Do you make them yourself?

“Yes. We plan to issue a video. We have had a long buildup to this release. It was written on a train from Brussels to Luxembourg one freezing day last winter and we decided to delay release until this winter. Early in the year I was able to shoot some film in Northern Finland, and that will be part of the video. But we will combine those shots with clips from film libraries.”

“I only took winter shots, which was probably a mistake. I was down in the south of Spain a few weeks ago, recording some guitar for someone else’s project. I should have got some beach shots, because all the other seasons are involved. My favourite line is “Met a girl with golden hair, and skin as warm as sand. She smelled of salt and sea and she took me to a beach..” But I had a girl called winter on my mind, so I just filmed reindeer, snow and frozen lakes…”


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