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New Release – A Dream For A Dream by The North Rocks Music

todayMay 2, 2022 43

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The North Rocks, a solo musician from North Holland (the Netherlands), creates an unique blend of upbeat alternative rock. Fed up with a boring career in 2020, The North Rocks decided to full-time channel his energy through music. While blending 70’s punk rock with 90’s punk and alternative rock, he created a vast catalogue of original music.

“When I started with the name The North Rocks in 2020 I intended to form a band with this name. So far there is no band, but I kept the name for my solo work. Still, when time is right, The North Rocks might evolve into a band, but I love to write and record everything myself.”

“I usually release albums with 12 songs. My new song ‘A Dream For A Dream’ which will be out on May 5th, is the lead single. It features ‘Everything Changes’ as the digital B side and ‘Sanity’ as a bonus track. ‘Everything Changes’ is also acoustic based, but more punky, and ‘Sanity’ is – in my opinion – a real punk rock song.”

“I heard a tune in my dream, while in my dream I was looking at the back of Noel Gallagher (Oasis) with his headphones on behind the mixing table in a studio. He had his headphones on, and looked over his shoulder to me, and sang – with his finger sticking into the air – “A Dream For A Dream”. I woke up from my dream, and immediately recorded the tune and words on my phone, so I would not lose this idea. So, all I had was 10 seconds of a tune and 5 words from Noel, and created the rest of the song within a week and a half. It was recorded and mixed in my own studio, the Northern Vibes studio in Burgervlotbrug.”

“The song has three meanings. Firstly, there is the inspiration from my dream, which may help me to realize my dream. Secondly, I made a career switch into music 1,5 year ago, which I see as “exchanging one dream for another dream”. Thirdly, the songs I created recently were much more punk rock than I intend to. If I could, I would write easier songs. This song is the kind of song I would like to write more as it could be played inside a small room as well as on a big stage, could be a ballad as well as a punky alternative rock banger. I see this also as exchanging a dream, writing short, nice and easy punk songs, for another dream, writing more layered alternative rock songs.”

“This song means a lot to me, because it was inspired by Noel Gallagher who is my absolute favourite songwriter. Also, it means a lot to me, because this song is a realization that I have to only release songs which can create positivity for other people one way or another.”

“Almost all of my songs are inspired by personal feelings, opinions and vibes.
But I also intend to make the songs connect to the outer world, so basically my songs are a bridge between me and the world. They are neither 100% personal nor 100% about other people.”

“I hope that this song can make people so happy that they want to share the song with each other. And of course – I hope this song will lift me up in my career too :)”

Written by: leancool20

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