New Release – A Call Came by Fisj

New Release – A Call Came by Fisj

Belgian musician Fisj whose song ‘Mellow Moon‘ was in our chart, has released a new song ‘A Call Game‘ yesterday.

“The song was inspired by the moment of my father’s passing, a few years ago. He had already been in a coma for several days. Then I got the telephone call, rushed over as fast as I could, but arrived too late. A moment of great sadness, but also of relief because the pain was now over. I had been fiddling about with some of the guitar parts for months, sometimes playing them for him, but without finding any words or melody. Only much later while I was recording the instruments the lyrics suddenly came to me.”   

“I hope to reach as many people as possible with this song, perhaps receive some positive feedback here and there. My ambitions are modest, but as a musician it is a gratifying idea that somewhere across the globe someone is giving a song that you wrote some attention.”

‘”A Call Came’ was recorded and mixed at home, one bit at a time. I like a lofi approach, focusing on the playing and singing rather than on technicalities. I am a great fan of ‘happy accidents’, things that weren’t intended initially, but on second thought add some unexpected flavour. An example in this track is the click-track during the intro and outro. After finishing the recording it perfectly seemed to convey a message of time unavoidably passing and life’s brevity, so I just kept them in place.”