New Release – 56 by Shabbah

New Release – 56 by Shabbah

SHABBAH are an up and coming indie alt/rock band from Sheffield (UK), consisting of four members, Seth Smith, Sami Bates, George Allen and Lol Bailey.

“We are doing quite nicely in the music scene, considering we’ve not been together for a year yet we have created a strong fan base and have done amazing gigs in iconic Sheffield venues and the iconic Dublin castle in London!”

Here’s what lead singer Lol Bailey had to say about the new single.

“The title of our upcoming track is ‘56’. It will be released on all streaming platforms on the 29th of September. There is no pre save link as of yet.”

The song is about finding a sense of love in a place not so full of it. The only thing you would find is a place you would only see as nostalgia with “people shooting fireworks at half past three in the morning” or “loved up tracksuits” are some good lyrics to use to describe what this song was based off. It was based somewhat of my upbringing, but I also used the local bus as a metaphor, the 56. This bus does hold a lot of memories in some people’s hearts, but for me this bus is so unreliable and is such a good metaphor to use when describing the loneliness as a kid.”

“We are in the works of shooting a music video for this song, which will be our first music video. It will be reminiscent of old Arctic Monkeys videos with that old to programme ‘skins’ vibe or aesthetic to it. It’ll be somewhat based of the idea of the song but mainly will be about a heartbreak story taking place on the 56 and the places that surround it. This is something I’m very interested in and can’t wait to share!”

“We filmed our whole experience with the recordings and stuck it on our YouTube channel. So if you want to watch four, 17-18 year olds being stupid for 20 minutes then there you go.”

“The experiences we have had at this studio have been so cool, considering it was made on a working farm. You come out to get fresh air and a horse would just be trotting on by. We have been there twice now and can say it’s been amazing.”


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