New Release – 364 by Liam Strand

New Release – 364 by Liam Strand

After a decade as a musician, Liam Strand (Sweden) has now taken the first step to becoming a solo artist. His debut EP ‘Från höst till vår’ will be out in spring and promises listeners a fragile yet grandiose indie rock which tells a story about Liam’s thoughts and experiences – the ones he prefers to not talk about.

“After making a lot of personal mistakes over the course of many years and starting to learn from them, I decided that I wanted to ”tell my story” – the struggle with realizing that I might have been the villain all enough. ‘364’ became the song that ultimately gave me the courage to tell it.”

“The song is the second chapter and picks up the story right after my first single, ‘Det går bra (när man är bra)’ which translates in English as ‘Great Things Happen (To Great People)’, ends. A bad break up has just taken place and now it’s time to experience the first year of it, with all its ups and downs, but mostly downs (laughs).”

“Musically, ‘364’ can be described as combining the fragility of my synthpop band Radiohimlen with the pure grandness of my symphonic metal band Emetropia. However, listeners will also hear a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure and My Chemical Romance in 364.”

“My favourite part of recording the song was to invite my dearest friends to lend their voices for the choir. They played a major part of the story and it was only natural to make them a part of telling it.”

Liam released his debut single late November 2022. His follow-up single ‘364’ will be out 18th January. A pre-save is available here.