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New Release – 11:11 by Skylar Nevaeh

todayMarch 1, 2021 55

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The name of Skylar Nevaeh’s upcoming release is 11:11. It will be released March 5th. This is the link to pre-save the song. ​

“This song is about wishing and believing the wish will come true. It’s the same as the law of attraction, imagining something that you really want to happen or have and seeing it manifest into reality. It’s also about how someone can be surprised something is happening in their lives, like they didn’t expect it.”

“What inspired me to write this song is that I saw the numbers 1111 everywhere. There are people saying it’s a sign to make a wish, but some people also believe it’s a good sign from the angels. I like how there’s some kind of mystery to these numbers. That’s what attracted me to it and made me come up with these lyrics. Even while I was producing this song I kept seeing 1111.”

“The special meaning to me in the lyrics I wrote is that I want to keep on wishing and believing in my wishes, that they will come true. I also believe I have to work for my goals and this song is a little reminder to hold on. In general, I want this song to have a positive effect on the listener. Especially in these hard times of COVID-19, I hope to make people feel better with a lightweight dreamy song.

You can find all of Skylar’s social links here.

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