New Release: Feed the Monkey by Chris Grey and the BlueSpand ft. Lucy Woodward

New Release: Feed the Monkey by Chris Grey and the BlueSpand ft. Lucy Woodward

A couple of years ago we were on holiday in Denmark. We visited the town of Odense on a cold and wet day. When we came to a little square a man with a guitar was singing the blues just outside a cafe. I was rather impressed and joked we should invite him over to play at our house one day. However, the kids were cold and less impressed and wanted to see King’s Knud’s bones.

When we returned to the square later, the man had disappeared. I had been eager to find out his name. Back home we googled the name of cafe and eventually discovered the name of the singer, it was Chris Grey. Google also told me he had his own band, Chris Grey & The BlueSpand.

Chris Grey & The BlueSpand are a funky blues band from Denmark. The band are Chris Grey (lead vocals/guitar), Kasper Lauersen (bass/vocals) and Lars von TrommenStick (drums/vocals). They officially formed a trio for the first time in late 2011, marking the
start of an exciting musical journey.

They released an album ‘Lotta Love’ in 2014. They went viral on Facebook in with their live video ‘Grab’em by the Elbow’ with over a million views, while the their live video for ‘Mammas Mammalaid’ past a million views in just 10 days after it’s release.

Their latest release is ‘Feed the Monkey (live in the studio)’ ft. Lucy Woodward. Lucy Woodward is an English-American singer-songwriter. She has performed backing vocals for famous artists like Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan Rod Stewart and Barbra Streisand.

“I met Chris Grey & The BlueSpand in Denmark on trip and it was love at first funk. If I were a male singer, I would be Chris Grey. No doubt.”

Lucy Woodward