New Release: A Little Love by Jack Francis

New Release:  A Little Love by Jack Francis

This Jack Francis is definitely NOT the singer, YouTuber and Instagram Influencer with the tattooed face, who’s friends with Billie Elish. ‘My’ Jack Francis is a long haired a folk/americana singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar from Southampton (UK). He has already played at some major UK festivals such as the Isle of Wight and Stone Free Festival at the O2 Arena in London.

Jack Francis released ‘A Little Love’ on Friday. It was actually Harry Pane, who I picked as a bonus track last week, who shared this song and I’m glad he did! What an amazing voice! This song is very well crafted and I love the lyrics too. It’s a perfect song for Sunday dreaming!

‘A Little Love’ was recorded at Mill Town Studios and produced by Archie Sylvester from London-based blues/rock duo Ferris & Sylvester. If you haven’t heard about Ferris & Sylvester, I suggest you check them out. They have a unique 60’s sound. They released an EP ‘I Should Be On A Train‘ about a month ago. When I heard Issy Ferris singing the first few notes of ‘I Should Be On A Train’, I believed I was listening to Billie Eilish. And so we’ve come to a full circle. 😉

Talking about circles, this is the first single of an upcoming album, that will hopefully will be released on vinyl.