Kris Jenkins – Stimulate

Kris Jenkins – Stimulate

Kris Jenkins is a British rock/power pop solo recording artist/songwriter residing in France. He has over 30 years experience in writing, recording and playing live with different bands. He releases his new single ‘Stimulate’ on 26th of April.

“I wrote ‘Stimulate’ in January which was a period in which I was bursting with ideas and this is one of six songs I wrote and recorded in the space of a few weeks between December and February.”

“The lyrical subject is about people who drift apart from one another wherever it be friends or partners etc… and the moment they suddenly realize they have nothing much left in common with each other.”

“It’s pretty hard hitting with a powerful guitar riff and banging drums and dirty bass and some shouty but melodic vocals. And then it breaks down into a chorus which has some heavenly three part vocal harmonies. The overall vibe is a bit angry and a bit sad at the same time.”

“Like all my other works it is entirely home recorded, and mixed by myself. I then use an online mastering service for the final touch.”


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