New Release: Wish I Never Fell – Ayglo, Cold Illumination

New Release: Wish I Never Fell – Ayglo, Cold Illumination

Another interesting project that was submitted to our inbox. The track “Wish I Never Fell” from Ayglo and Cold Illumination. Before you read any further I would like to invite you to listen to the beautiful track “Wish I Never Fell in Love” by the Lofi Artist Cold Illumination.

I hope you all can agree this is a quality track. I would recommend: Don’t touch this one!

Well, someone had some different thoughts on this. Ayglo, a singer-producer-rapper born in Romania and now living in The Netherlands added something extra’s to this track. And it surprisingly works out very well. It gives the track a James Blake kind of feeling. The track is still as beautiful as the original, but added some extra surprises and modern vibes.

It’s hard to tell which version is a better one. They’re both great. Pick the version that best suits your mood. Or play them both and repeat endlessly. Not enough? There’s even a third version available: Slowed and reverb. For the ultimate relaxed moments.

Want more? There is . … another great version…. Pick your favorite version and enjoy!