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New Release: Treason of the Monarchy

todayOctober 26, 2020 34

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As you might understand we receive new music in our direct mail in twitter on a regular basis. The first listen is always short. A short impression of what kind of music it is.

Yes, in 30 seconds I can pick a track that I like. But of course, sometimes I need to listen more often to the track. Or need a different mood.

When Treason of the Monarchy entered the speakers I knew it directly. First seconds. Loved it. Punk! Only a few months ago I watched a video of The Idles performing “Never Fight a man with a perm” at NPR Tiny Desk Concert. The rest of the household gave me the eyeballs.

Treason of the Monarchy is giving me this same feeling. Pure energy. Speakers out loud! First reaction from the living room… “zijn dit de idles?”. Close.

I probably should not compare them with The Idles. I assume they prefer a comparison with the good old Sex Pistols. No. I can’t help. The Sex Pistols just never got me. But there is another band from the past that has that punk -and a bit of heavy metal- sound. The Stooges. Their track was also covered by Sid Vicious. Anyway…This track was also used in one of my favorite movies by Guy Ritchie: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

You gotta love The Stooges! The combination of the distortion in the guitars, the clear voice (Billy Idol!) and hypnotic rhythm..just great. And it fits this movie perfectly.

Back to Treason Of The Monarchy. What is so good about this track? I don’t know. That’s the reason I start comparing them to other punk music and movies. I really have no idea what it is. The track is great from start to the end. No, I don’t need radio edits. Don’t even want to hear what you have deleted. The appearance of the Queen is just perfect. The raw voice. The subject and lyrics….totally punk. And of course the guitars and drum that take us back to the old days. Yes. This is punk. Simply love it.

Now go listen Treason Of The Monarchy!

Best listened in the morning, with a cup of coffee!

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