New Release: That’s Alright by Just Leo, Ridvan Düzey

New Release: That’s Alright by Just Leo, Ridvan Düzey

It’s been a while since we did just a small review of a single track. Mostly because we spend most time listening. We’re trying to keep up!

“I Am Home” was the first single by Just Leo we shared with the listeners of the CoolTop20 earlier this year. In this single he shares his love with the city he grew up in. “That’s Alright” is the second single from the self-titled album “Just Leo” and is just as beautiful. It’s at #10 in this week’s CoolTop20. The guitar solo is a nice surprise on top of it. Give it a listen here.

In his Spotify profile we read that Leo Düzey had his first thoughts about Just Leo, “after watching a video by a same aged musician”. He doesn’t tell us which artist inspired him. We can only guess, so let’s guess…

The style of Just Leo reminds us of the Belgian artist Tamino. Both artists are about the same age. Both have some Arabic influences in their music. Both produce a wonderful sound. Did Tamino really inspire Just Leo? Do you have a better guess? We might ask him someday…..