New Release: Pepe and the Bandits – Never gonna let you go

New Release: Pepe and the Bandits – Never gonna let you go

When we first started the CoolTop20 in may 2020 the artists didn’t pay any attention. Our first followers where youngsters from Russia looking for ‘new music’. Pepe was one of the first to send his music for a review. His track “Corona” featured on our very first release of the CoolTop20. And even though it had some mixing problems it was a decent track with a nice melody. And to be honest, I was surprised I liked it because there where so many other tracks on this same subject in those days.

Anyway. Pepe made it to the CoolTop20 and stayed in for several weeks. He also gave us some tips how to reach other artists and gain audience. Time to say thank you. Thank you Pepe! But Pepe also knows…. There is no guarantee for a quick return to the Top20.

Let’s review his music in return. Some honest feedback. I’m sure he can handle this.

Pepe has submitted several tracks to the CoolTop20 since his first track. The track ‘Wealth of Time’ is not a standard track. It works well in the background, but doesn’t really stand out for me. In my opinion because it is missing a pleasant melody that sticks to the ears. For me it’s not a single for the charts.

Then “Back of the World”. This track is in our shortlist for the CoolTop20 but hasn’t made it yet due to the fierce competition. Nothing wrong with this track though! Really like it.

And then his latest submission. “Never Gonna Let you Go” was released last week. Pepe’s voice doesn’t stand out in this track. The lyrics are not very special. It’s just one of those love songs. However, the melody is very catchy again. And that is a true Pepe quality. If it had some more ‘darkness’ or ‘strangeness’ it could well be compared with a track by… E.

E who?

E what?


E aka Mark Oliver Everett

from @THE_EELS!

Yes, Eels.

Even if you have never heard of the band Eels, you probably know their music because their tunes are used a lot in commercials, television series and so on. Where Eels lyrics often touch the darker side of human experience, Pepe and the Bandits shine a light on the happier side in this track. Therefor: We at Cooltop20 advise you to listen to some music by Pepe and the Bandits after listening to Eels. Each and every time. I’m sure you’ll feel better and it’s a good way to support Pepe.

Let’s give it a try: First Eels.

Then Pepe..

Feel better?

Pepe, thanks for your support and music. I’m sure one day the BBC will pick up your melodies and use it in one of their tv shows.