New Release: No Regrets by Dev!n

New Release: No Regrets by Dev!n

In the new submissions list #5 we can find Devin Collins’ (aka Dev!n) single ‘No Regrets’. Dev!n was one of the founders of America’s first openly gay boyband Echo V., but apparently he has no regrets about leaving Echo V.

When Mike first played this song I thought it was a new single by the Lighthouse Family. (For those of you who’ve never heard of the Lighthouse Family, they are a British band that have sold millions of records, ed.) I was surprised to hear it was Dev!n’s debut single. He didn’t sound like a newbie to me at all. And of course he isn’t.

Going through his bio, it is clear that he began his journey in the entertainment industry at a young very age. He even toured as a Jazz/Big Band singer between the ages of 9-14 year old. Devin is a well rounded performer (actor, dancer, singer, acrobat) who is actively living out his dreams in Los Angeles after relocating from his hometown of Tampa, Fl. Devin also featured in film and on tv.

His debut single is a guitar driven pop anthem about staying true to yourself and living your own life. I have no regrets about discovering this song!