New Release: Daniel Charles Cook – Lonely Boy

New Release: Daniel Charles Cook – Lonely Boy

You’ll all know the name of Daniel Charles Cook as he is probably the most active twitter artist out in twitterspace. Every day he will share his most beloved playlists, artists accounts and music. He deserves some love in return.

Folk. That’s the genrebox we put his track in. “Lonely Boy” immediately reminds me of some Johnny Cash classic. His voice creates the melody and is supported by nothing but a guitar. His track didn’t make it to the Top20 yet, but who knows what happens.

Singing from his hart. Singing loud. Singing proud! I’m sure this lonely boy will continue its growth while more and more people discover the beauty of his music.

We have put this track in the top of the new submissions 02 playlist. I’m sure Daniel will share the link with you all. Show Daniel some love in return and give it a try if you haven’t already.