New Release: Bourbon Blues Ensemble – Body Soul & Blues

New Release: Bourbon Blues Ensemble – Body Soul & Blues

Yes it’s new. Yes it’s refreshing! The Bourbon Blues Ensemble from Mexico produce some neo-Blues.

Let’s start with their logo. The Big Yellow BSB with the shadow of their dancing superhero in front of it. The name ‘Bourbon Blues Ensemble’ might sound like a boring old fellow bluesband (at least that was my association), but when you see their big yellow logo you know for sure this must be something different….

And it is!

The track Body Soul and Blues is surprisingly jazzy. Supported by blues piano and guitars and some ‘not as dark’ Portishead scratching sounds. The woman’s voice matches the music perfectly, her accent is the finishing touch.

The song takes about 3:40. It could have ended there. But BSB has a free bonus for us. A few more minutes of lovely blues …. I’m sure this track is rejected a lot in playlists and modern charts because of it’s 5+ min length. But not here in the CoolTop20. Here we can enjoy the music three times in a row without any problem.

BSB Thank you. Thank you for your music!