Honeycomb and Hurricane by Katanak

Honeycomb and Hurricane by Katanak

Fresh indie tunes with catchy pop hooks are the signature style of emerging Brisbane (Australia) artist Katanak. Known for his infectious indie rock/pop groove-inducing earworms that fans of The Wombats, will appreciate, Katanak brings colour to your world.

As the Northern Hemisphere gears up for the warmth of summer, there’s a new anthem on the horizon: Katanak’s latest single, ‘Honeycomb and Hurricane’. Infused with the essence of summer, this track embodies sun-soaked days and breezy nights, with infectious beats and irresistible melodies.

‘Honeycomb and Hurricanewill be out 31st May. A pre-save is available here.

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“The song ‘Honeycomb and Hurricane’ will be the first single off my new six track self titled debut EP. So it’s already different because I’ve only released singles up to the point and they’ve been fairly far apart at that. I’ve had a break of almost a year as I was busy with a few things, so it feels really good to be back writing and releasing.”

“I have gone in a slightly different direction with these new tracks. I still straddle indie rock / indie pop, but with a change of beats and synths this album has become more pop.”

“I’ve been loving experimenting with the new sound and just this change has inspired me to keep writing. I’ve got a few other tracks that I’m currently working on and I’m going to be taking them in the same direction.

Why did you decide to release this one as the first single?

I chose to release ‘Honeycomb and Hurricane’ first as it’s just such a great introduction to the new music I’m going to be releasing. I hope that people love it as much as I do and can’t stop singing it. I’ve had a few friends say they can’t get it out of their heads!”

“I always knew that the release timeframe was aligned with the Northern Hemisphere summer so that was a secondary reason to choose ‘Honeycomb and Hurricane’ as the first release. Release day is Friday 31st May, the last day of spring and ready to take everyone to the beach, bbq’s, parties and friends places.”

What inspired you to write this song?

“In one word: winter!”

“I was sitting there in winter and thinking how cold my house was. For your readers, I’m from Queensland, Australia and we have really hot summers so our old houses are designed for summer heat. Raised houses built on stumps, not built in below, just floorboards between you and the space below and lots of little gaps in the floorboards and windows to help the cold seep through, haha!”

“At that point in time I wanted summer back so bad. The song idea popped into my head about how summer is a jumble of all things good. It only took me a day to write it and I think it embodies summer. I also just love the name ‘Honeycomb and Hurricane’. It’s all things Queensland summer.

The EP is set for release 21st of February 2025.


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