Grace Can’t Play Guitar – Crazy Daze

Grace Can’t Play Guitar – Crazy Daze

Meet Mr. Chris Payne and Tyler from the duo/band Grace Can’t Play Guitar. The two friends from Brighton collaborated on various music projects together and gave it a spin for a whole new non-genre specific sound! They have played together before in the late ’80’s in an IndiePunk band called LaBastion, during which time they played around the circuit of pubs in Sussex performing both covers and original songs and producing an album called The Steps. Having played together for a couple years the band went their separate ways to work on individual projects. Chris and Tyler remained friends but the sort that rarely speak or meet up. And when they did, it was like they had never been apart. Don’t put them in a box. They use all kind of sounds and inspiration and now the sound is theirs.

The two bastards broke our COOL TOP20 rule: Only one track per artist in the COOL20. The rule is no longer here, so you better bring good music.

The ballad ‘Narcotica’ and their new summer vibe single ‘Crazy Daze’ were both taken from their debut EP ‘#RevolutionGrace’. Crazy Daze is about letting go!! Having fun in these hard times.

The songs both have <1000 Spotify streams, which is just f**king unbelievable. Tell your friends, go out on the streets. But don’t forget to bring your ghettoblaster with you and stream these tracks……again……again……again!!!

Of course we all want to know why they are called Grace can’t play guitar, right? Check it out on their website:

What’s next? Recording their album and lots of gigs!