New Release – Ghosts of the Future & Past (album) by Gozer Goodspeed

New Release – Ghosts of the Future & Past (album) by Gozer Goodspeed

Plymouth based singer/songwriter Gozer Goodspeed’s songwriting is unique – he tells tales of fortune, hope, sadness, and loss in a way that feels entirely his own, and yet wholly relatable to everyone. Weaving elements of folk, blues, rock and psychedelia together across an impressive back catalogue of EPs and albums, Gozer is no stranger to making music characterised by the way it makes you feel, rather than the category you put it into.

His album ‘Ghosts of the Future & Past’ will be out across all streaming platforms on 27th August. The album has been out as a Bandcamp-only CD or download since 31st July.

“In a way, you could say it’s essentially my life’s work to date! ‘Ghosts of the Future & Past’ is a retrospective spanning my whole musical career thus far, but it’s not a ‘greatest hits’ – that’s hard to achieve when you haven’t had any hits! It’s designed as a deep dive into my back catalogue spanning many years, but it also unearths songs that have never been heard before – there’s an unreleased song, a live bootleg, a specially created remix, and even a demo from a forthcoming, as yet unrecorded project! The songs are presented in (mostly) chronological order, and everything has been remastered. The whole idea is to introduce you to what I do in the most organic, natural, seamless way possible. It’s a journey. It starts out in one place, one time, and then the layers start adding, the story takes some turns, we make some discoveries, and then we end up somewhere recognisable, but totally different. In the beginning, you probably won’t know me. By the end, after seventeen tracks, you’ll know me well.”

“I think Mike, the guy who runs the record label I’m signed to, Lights and Lines, wanted this album to be akin to someone finding a fan’s special collection under a bed, in a box. You blow off the dust, root about, fire up the record player, and hopefully lose yourself just a little bit.”

“I think I’ve always been someone who sees genre as fluid. I’m a singer, a songwriter, a guitarist, an arranger, and a music fan. I do what feels right for the song, for the story I’m trying to tell. Because labels are everywhere these days, and it’s almost impossible to market your music without them, I am often described as a blues singer, or a folk singer, or an alternative artist. Really though, I’m a songwriter with a wide open musical palate who is always interested in pushing myself and trying new things, going in different directions. The music is guitar-based, but that’s it. Everything else is up for grabs!”

“My hopes are modest. Personally, I’m just hoping to reach some people who I’ve never had the chance to reach before. As with everything I put out, I hope someone will discover this music, fall in love with it, and absorb it into the fabric of their life. I hope it’ll mean something to someone, in the same way that so many songs mean so much to me. But really, I’m just hoping to get heard by a new audience. I’m proud of this record, and it’s very personal to me. I hope someone out there connects with it, and it helps them in some way, and brings them pleasure.”

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