Cat Covid by Mark Sheeky

Cat Covid by Mark Sheeky

Mark Sheeky is a multi-disciplinary surrealist artist from the North of England. His first music release was ‘Arcangel’ in 2000, a game soundtrack. From circa 2020 his music has been vocal, pioneering a genre of surrealist art-pop/rock.

His new single ‘Cat Covid’ releases 7th of June. It’s the first song of his 35th solo album release since 2000. The album will be called ‘A Drive Through The Town’.

“My music has varied a lot over the years, from classical piano and art-performance poetry, to computer game inspired electronica, to, now vocal-focused pop.”

“The album is a mix of short and snappy songs with a surrealistic feel and energy. This song with it’s odd lyrics and sense of fun seems to fit the mood of the album and my personality.”

“The main words of the song jumped into my head. Later, a friend commented on the title and thought it was strange, which inspired me to charge into the project. It’s quite a complex production with about 4 guitar layers, which was a challenge too; something I enjoy.”

“Unusually, I create all of my music using software tools of my own design, never using plug-ins or third party tools – and I never use ‘pitch correction’ or auto-tune, I want an authentic sound. Every aspect from sample playback and filters to the reverb algorithms are self designed. My software Prometheus began in 2002, and it’s had 22 years of growth.”


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