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Alvinos Zavlis – Sexy pasta and Korean Film

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Alvinos Zavlis is an artist/music producer from Cyprus, based in the UK. He composes and produces mostly electronic music that he puts out under his name, while also producing hip hop, RnB and other genres he enjoys for other artists. The music he releass under his own name is usually dark and experimental. His main goal is to become the best music producer in the world, produce and develop his own artists, while also maintain a healthy career as a solo artist. Now that’s an ambition! 

He also love film as an artform and has already scored two short films. Another goal of Alvinos is to score more short films and even full feature films in the future.  

All of his music is composed, produced, mixed and mastered by himself, while he also handles the artworks of his projects most of the time. In The Netherlands we call this a true ‘duizendpoot’.

my main goal is to become the best music producer in the world

At this point in 2020, Alvinos has been making music for almost 8 years. He started producing house music, inspired by producers like Avicii, David Guetta and Daft Punk.  

He studied Creative Music Technology at Canterbury Christ Church University in England, where he managed to expand his influences and sonic possibilities. Since then, he implemented more genres and sonics in his music productions, trying to develop his own, distinct sound.  He also has a very long history of Djing, which also impacted greatly the way he approaches producing music.  

Sexy pasta & Korean Film:  The way the song came about was very random… “I had finished cooking some pasta and was eating it while watching a Korean film, when I thought to myself that this would be a dope title for a song! I started working on the song immediately after the movie ended. The next day I cooked the same pasta and staged a photoshoot in my studio, which led to the song’s artwork. I edited the artwork myself, which is something I find very enjoyable and inspiring. The actual colors and vibe of the artwork inspired the dark tone of the song”. 

And about Wampakacha: “This song is very different than the stuff I usually put out and it came about when I was trying to have a break from my usual dark sound. I wanted to make a song that’s fun and inspired by Salsa and Reggaeton, two styles of music that I love but don’t get the chance to work on very often. I finished the music to the song in a day and even asked one of my roommates to play the accordion on it! I sent the music to my friend and frequent collaborator Young Smart and two days later he sent the vocal layers. After a week of mixing and mastering the song was done.  It is a dedication to my island’s huge summer party culture and the African vibe that Young Smart contributed really complimented the vibe I was going for!”. We all agree to that, don’t we?  

my message to other artists: Let go of that pressure and just work hard and enjoy their music as it is right now!:)

Alvinos was asked if he had a message to the other artist. “The biggest thing I learned during this year is that we can’t really plan anything in the music industry… I had to let go of the idea that releasing a certain amount of music each year is a fixed goal, or playing however many shows a month, or the whole idea of “making it” at a certain timetable. I believe everything happens when it’s supposed to, so my message to other artists would be to let go of that pressure and just work hard and enjoy their music as it is right now!:)” 







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