Velvet Sky (album) by Eric Lavién

Velvet Sky (album) by Eric Lavién

Eric Lavién is an independent producer/singer/songwriter from Bordeaux (France).

“I started my journey in early 2023. I do mostly rock/hard rock/alt rock. I studied piano and guitar since I was very young.”

“‘Velvet Sky’ is a concept album, meaning that all the songs share a unique story that unfolds through each track. The main themes are love and the future. The message included is that we must embrace our humanity and love, but it’s also very important to embrace the future! The future is always full of surprises, difficulties, trials, and tribulations. By embracing humanity and love, we can definitely face the future in the best way and always be awesome!”

“The entire concept album can be described as somewhat autobiographical. I’m sharing my emotions, dreams, and desires with the listeners, which in some way we all share, me, you, everyone. They are our collective emotions of humankind! Humankind.

“I think, it would be awesome to envision my album with an action romantic movie, with maybe not too much special effects or CGI on it. I like the old movies, like from the 80s, 90s. Where CGI and special effects, weren’t used way too much, like in recent movies. But I do love movies! And… especially some particular movie-like videogames. I’m trying so hard to get in touch with software houses like Remedy Software and more. But. Yup! Never giving up!”

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