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New Release – Some fantastic (WAR) by IndifferentMonKeY

IndifferentMonKeY started recording in the summer of 2021. Since then so much has happened. Highlights include co-headlining on HAWK FEST with the legendary Hawkwind and being shortlisted for a major Hollywood Movie, a Netflix series and appearing on The Billy Talent Playbook video game. The band have also been nominated for “Band of the Year" on Radio Wig Wam. The band, formed by songwriter/producer Joe Lowe, are looking forward to […]

todayDecember 17, 2022 185 64 5

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New Release – Friday Night Rockstar (album) by Lewca

Lewca is a now forty-something bloke from Brixton living in Normandy (France) with three kids, a mortgage and a day job. “My main challenge in life is juggling my pre-disposition with substance abuse, my ambitions of musical world domination and my day to day obligations, and still find time to make cool stuff out of lego with the kids.” His new album ‘Friday Night Rockstar’ it is out 16th December […]

todayDecember 15, 2022 61 8

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New Release – Cut Up by About Bunny

About Bunny are a London (UK) based four-piece indie rock band with Jemma McKenzie-Brown on vocals, Alex Malseed on bass, Karl Hopkin on guitar and Amanda Dal on drums. They released their debut single ‘Special’ in 2020 which caught the attention BBC Introducing, RTE2, Kerrang Radio and Amazing Radio amongst others. They received their first Radio 1 play with their 2022 release ‘Goodside’ where Future Alternative host Nels Hylton described […]

todayDecember 14, 2022 41 5

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New Release – Loss Of Innocence by The Bedlam Furnaces

Led by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist/composer Ian Allison, working with regular collaborators, The Bedlam Furnaces is a South London-based project that has recently made waves in the indie scene following the release of 2021 album ‘Fever Dream’, the most recent single being ‘Pulling Wires’. The sound has picked up great reviews with DJ and follower comparisons to bands such as Low, Muse, ELO, Arcade Fire and Floyd while having a sound […]

todayDecember 13, 2022 12 4

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New Release – Rose-Tinted Glasses by Pepe and the Bandits

Pepe and the Bandits aka Joe Miller is a singer/songwriter from Peterborough (UK). He has always been interested in music from an early age and doesn’t go anywhere without some music on. He has released over a dozen genre fluid tracks. His new single ‘Rose-Tinted Glasses’ will be out 16th December. “The song is about suddenly realising you're looking at things from a total different perspective, those rose-tinted glasses have […]

todayDecember 12, 2022 15 3

Monthly Mixtape

Monthly Mixtape – Yes! These are our favourite 100 indie tracks

Another month, another Cooltop20 mixtape. We have again selected the 100 best submissions in the last month. Here is another awesome collection of 100 Indie tracks! Featuring artists: With new music by indie artists like: Sophie & Alex Dorsten, Ederlezi, LAHGO, The Great Order, The Pylons, Fake Shark, The Crom, Marc Roussel, Lewca ft Oh! Paolo, Artesan, Nice Guy, The Future Us, Dizzy Panda ft Finite Sly, Spring Owls, Motel […]

todayDecember 11, 2022 18 5

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New Release – Transition (EP) by Juliet and her Regrets

Juliet and her Regrets is the solo project of Juliet Colman, who lives and works in London, (UK). Juliet is one half of cello and piano duo Juliet and Nanette, but Juliet and her Regrets is Juliet’s outlet for different experiments in sound and genre, bringing pop and disco influences to her electric piano and gritty, bluesy vocal. Juliet sings about love, loss, and in her most recent work, her […]

todayDecember 6, 2022 18 2

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New Release – Anywhere by Days of Tomorrow

Nottingham (UK) based The Days of Tomorrow are Gareth Peel (guitarist, producer, singer songwriter) and Matt Williams (bassist and vocalist) featuring Chloe Phillips (flautist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist). The band formed in early lockdown . “After being discharged from hospital in the summer of 2021, my world imploded. My health wasn’t improving and I simultaneously had just received the news that my father was dying. It seemed surreal because we fell […]

todayDecember 5, 2022 13 2

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New Release – The Dollar & The Pound by The Gastown Panic

New Release - The Dollar & The Pound by The Gastown Panic: The Gastown Panic are Glasgewian duo Gordon Johnstone and Martin Harrold. With two albums already under their belt, they've released two stand-alone singles this year, ‘Something for the Weekend’ and ‘Electric Box’, while continuing to work on new music. The boys also keep busy with a fortnightly radio show on Radio Wigwam. Their third single of this year […]

todayDecember 3, 2022 21 5

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New Release – Knock it Down by Marveline

New Release - Knock it Down by Marveline: Marveline is the solo project of Pete Marley from Sydney (Australia). Pete plays bass in a few outfits and is one half of the songwriting team behind power-pop rocksters The Nature Strip, who've released three albums and two EPs. The album ‘Savoury-Toothed Tiger’ was released in May 2020, and then a few singles. Not exactly prolific, but a lot of mediocre tunes […]

todayDecember 1, 2022 15 3

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New Release – Twenty-Five Years (album) by Storm of Crows

Storm of Crows are a three-piece rock band based in Sheffield and Stockport (UK). The three members, Jimmy, Matt, and Paul, were all originally in a band together in 1997, but reformed only recently, in 2020, to start making music again. ‘Twenty-Five Years’ is their first album in, well, twenty-five years. The album will be released 2nd December. Did you have to overcome any difficulties with the writing or recording […]

todayNovember 30, 2022 3 2

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New Release – I Don’t Wanna Know by Louis McTeggart

Louis McTeggart is a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland who has worked in the music business for over 20 years. In that time he has travelled the world performing, writing and recording and has had several of his original songs used on TV, film and radio. He has had an amazing 2022 where he has released two singles that got great worldwide airplay, while also working away on his debut solo […]

todayNovember 29, 2022 26 2

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New Release – Wilderness Road by James Hodder

James Hodder is a songwriter from Kent (England) who fuses Folk and Americana influences with bittersweet lyrics and storytelling. Since the release of his debut album, ‘In The Beginning’, he’s been honing his craft on the live circuit and playing for a variety of audiences around the UK. “I’m excited to be releasing my new album in 2023 and putting together my first full band shows. The name of the […]

todayNovember 28, 2022 61 2

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New Release – Nothing to Lose by Shadow of Light feat. Charlie Sanderson and JMac

Raised in Wolverhampton (UK), Shadow of Light was part of the emerging UK Garage scene in the late 90s. He was a DJ on 106.3 Frontline FM, and the passion for the genre has never faded. Emersed by UK Garage, hip hop and jungle from an early age, Shadow of Light’s productions have echoes of nostalgic inspirations, but he gives them a fresh, vibesy feel. His passion for collaborating can […]

todayNovember 23, 2022 15 2

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New Release – Hey There by SD Charlton

Shaun Charlton was born in Nottingham, but was raised and is still living in Lincolnshire. He has released two EPs and a solo album ‘Better Late Than Never’. His latest song ‘Hey There’ releases on 27th November. What inspired you to write ‘Hey There’? “I actually wrote this song for my band project but the more I listened to it I realised it was more a solo effort and decided […]

todayNovember 22, 2022 18 2

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New Release – These Four Walls (album) by In the forest

In the forest formed when two sisters and their husbands had a family holiday to Dorset (UK). The song 'On the run' was written and life with a different kind of band began. With four vocals and two main instruments to write with, the band have a distinct focus on the song and vocal harmonies. “Someone once described us as a Laurel Canyon band which absolutely makes sense when you […]

todayNovember 21, 2022 38 1

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New Release – Del Rey Sunshine by Eleanor Collides

Eleanor Collides is the solo project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Nick Ranga (UK). Named after Nick’s childhood imaginary friend, Eleanor Collides started life as a lockdown project in March of 2021 when a group of London based musicians got together to support each other in writing, recording and releasing music. His debut album 'People Are Taller in Real Life', was released earlier this year and falls somewhere between Indie, […]

todayNovember 17, 2022 10

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New Release – Not a demo anymore (album) by Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith is a singer-songwriter from Hampshire (UK). He started playing music in his secondary school days, but only started putting music out properly at the back end of 2020. He released an EP ‘I Hate It I Own It’ in 2020 and a full length album ‘I just want to sleep’ in 2021. His new album ‘Not a demo anymore'’ will be released 18th November. “It will include the […]

todayNovember 16, 2022 10

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New Release – Kiss of the Universe by Neon Black Dreams

‘Kiss of the Universe’ is the debut album from Ukrainian synthpop band Neon Black Dreams. The album is a concept story from beginning to end and a new chapter has been released each month in 2022 culminating in the self-titled release and conclusion of this story. The 11 tracks follow our lead characters on an adventure set in 1989 as they run across the country searching for their destinies and […]

todayNovember 15, 2022 5

Sophie Dorsten - whisper in the dark

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New Release – Whisper in the Dark by Sophie and Alex Dorsten

Sophie Dorsten is an international recording artist sharing her strong, dynamic sound with the world. Over lockdown she joined forces with her brother Alex. They create some amazing and beautiful melodic indie-pop; they work well together as you can hear on their songs – the lyrics, creativity, music, and production are beyond their years. Their latest release is ‘Whisper in the Dark’. It will be out 18th November. A pre-save […]

todayNovember 14, 2022 125 6