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Monthly Mixtape 2021-08

todayAugust 31, 2021 15

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Yes! It’s good to know beautiful music can still be found. Try a little bit of indieness! We have selected these 100 tracks that were submitted to us in the month August 2021 (random order). Click the cassette to be directed to the Spotify Mixtape.

Shoutout to all these artists!

Featuring: Lisa Akuah, Harry Pane, Sam Lambeth, Odd Wall, Orange Creek Riders, DJ Leonardo Rafael, Temper Row, Dizzy Panda, Twelve A.M.Flowers, 3mind Blight, Kromatix_, Daniel Scarsella, Gabriel, Guthrie Trio, YSSA, Gitaruman, Five of Cups, Jennifer Alvarado, Mikalyn, Deen & Blumenstein, The Blue Gap, Just Leo, Kamil Woj, DAS MAER, Missicks, Izzy Mahoubi, Damien Owono, Hush Mozey, ROJOR, Rogue Proxy, David Matias, Jonathan Christian, Arlie Nuth, Olivia Goga, Bruno Skibbild, Lee Ford, QRUSSO, The Islas, LEAVETAKING, Nik Brinkman, Blue Nagoon, LUNGA, SoulClap, Fake Shark, H2hwoa, Oh Alice, Anna Green, War Honey, ONnotez, Phil Cooper, Daniel b, Dylan Sherry, KOJI THe Planet Stoned Plus, Thomas Lemmer, Zealx, AFTYN, AJ Lewis, Ficshon, Ravenwood, Hidden Guide, rdgbeat, saturn and the hula hoops, BARELO, Matt Skies, Quarters of Change, Sparxsea, Mocity Jones, Us. Kabutoya, Black Cart, The Godzilla Attacks Tokyo Kamikaze, Enfers, eXorZm, Earth to Rex, Rebel Tramp, Helen Maw, Blake Sonnet, CAT DAD, Matte Martin, Woman of the Night, Katanak, Lainey Dionne, Dstreet, Cloudjumper, Ditsea Yella, Bentley Browning, Collective Music Society, Rosa Tu, $catterbrain, PACKS, Civic Green, Dominic Romano, Jenny Colquitt, Beta Ray, Michael Brinkworth, Kristyn Cae, Graham O’Hara, Fransico Sola, Sarah Connolly

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New Release – Leaves On The Wind by Johan Famaey ft. Charlotte Campion

‘Leaves on the wind’ is collaboration between Charlotte Campion, Johan Famaey, María Cecilia Alguacil and Helen Grant. The music was composed by Johan Famaey. Johan Famaey is a Belgian composer and pianist. He performed and composed countless works with and for different ensembles in Europe and China. He has won the 'Verdi Keurmerk' and 'Cantabile Piano' composition contests in 2019. The lyrics for the song were written by Helen Grant. […]

todayAugust 31, 2021 38