In the spotlight – Lee Ford

In the spotlight – Lee Ford

Lee Ford is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool (UK). Lee, backed with a full band, has a catalogue of tunes with raw relatable lyrics and loud guitars ready to be released into the world of new music and make an impact.

“I’m a singer/songwriter when I’m not snowed under with work trying to get my songs out to new people because I think there is certainly something people can relate to within my lyrics.”

Where did it begin? How did you get into music, and what is your musical background? 

“I think it was when I first found music that I actually loved, in the first year of high school. You just end up following the crowd, and there were some dodgy tunes I was listening to, but my dad had Cast – All Change on a CD in the car and that’s when I really got into it. I begged for a guitar when I was 10/11 and it just escalated from there really. I’ve been in a few bands that have never amounted to anything and never entertained getting back into it until I felt I had something brewing through lockdown.”

Who are your main influences?  

“I’ve got a wide taste in variety but solely based on the music that I’m making I stick to my roots of your alternative artists, massive fan of Sam Fender, Wolf Alice, White Lies, Fontaines DC, but I don’t really think that shows in the singles that have been released but I think the next material released it will be a lot more obvious.”

Can you walk us through your songwriting process? 

“It always starts with the music – I’ll be messing around on my guitar and something just comes from there. The lyrics are always last. I might be out and about and get something in my head where I’ll be like “ah that’s half clever that I’ll make a note of it” but it just ends up lost once I pick an actual topic or reason for the lyrics. It always just starts with the acoustic guitar and then figure out guitar parts and take it in the practise room for the lads who are do on the ball, I’m lucky really.”

Do you have a favourite time or place to write music? 

“It always seems to be in the middle of the night. I have no idea why but I’m just not productive in the day for some reason. My favourite place though where this is an exception is when I was at the lakes and I took my guitar, I got a few beers, my note pad and found a really secluded place and ended up churning out the song that we end on in the set, so I should go back there!”

Your single ‘Push Bikes’ is currently in our chart. What inspired you to write this song?

“The song focuses on how easy we had it as kids and how growing up must’ve changed due to the cultural changes in the world and a different generation of parenting. The first part of the song is quite reminiscent of things we’ve done as kids – covered in bruises, swapping footy stickers and so on. The second half focuses on how as we adjust to adult life – we get stuck in these norms, takeaways and boxset binging, not getting excited for your birthday and wanting to go back to that innocent and exciting stress free time we had that went by so quickly.”

What are some of your favourite childhood memories? 

“It always comes down to adventures with my nan and grandad, they’d always have me out the house and away, going to the caravan, going abroad, days out; they were the days that made my childhood from a young age and they don’t last forever.”

You’ve released three singles. What’s next?

“I’d like to have had a few more out by now, but I suffered a couple of delays that couldn’t be helped. I’ve got songs coming out my ears, I’d like to release one more single and then a four song EP with three songs I’ve already got boxed for it and an acoustic version of another song because it will sit better. I’ve got the the songs there I want to use for both the single and the EP so I think that will be next!”

Do you have any hobbies that contribute to your musicality? 

“I’m always out and about, like I have hobbies but nothing where I’d say that would contribute to my musicality. I’d say – because I’m always out and about in town, on trains – it’s the people watching for me, overhearing conversations that can influence you or making up stories about individuals like guessing their background, is that a first date like that’s something I would say would come into my music. I’m a big Paul Simon fan and he’s the perfect story teller when it comes to songwriting so I guess that’s where it comes from.”

What’s the last album you listened to?  

“A bit of a throwback this but it was The Chapman Family – ‘Burn Your Town’. Me and my mate were talking about them yesterday and I stuck it on, it’s over ten years old now like but was a great album! Prior to that though, I never thought I’d say this but I listened to Harry’s House and it’s half a vibe to be fair!”

What’s a song you have stuck in your head these days?

“The song that I can never get out of my head is the chorus to The Lathums – ‘I’ll Get By’, once it’s in my head it’s not going away anytime soon, haha off to them for great song writing!”

You are from Liverpool. What are some of your favourite local bands? 

“I could list all the obvious Beatles, La’s, Echo but keeping it in the now it’s got to be Cheap Thrills, Mysterines, Kairos, Rats, The Sway, Keyside Cassidy and Peach St to name a few but there’s so many smashing it.”

Is there anything that keeps you up at night?  

“Not really, no. I’m out like a light usually, unless I’ve cained the caffeine and thats probably where the middle of the night songwriting comes from!”

What are you most looking forward to this year? 

“We’re playing Isle of Wight festival in a few weeks so it’s goning to be a great weekend that. I’m really looking forward to that and got a couple of things in the pipeline so I can’t wait for that.”

Where can we catch you live? 

“As mentioned the Isle of Wight and I also have a couple of Liverpool shows that I can’t really say much about at the moment. I’m working on getting out to different cities over the country and branching out so got that in the works also it stands.”

What’s your favourite song from the Cool Top 20 and why?

“In the current chart? There’s so many that are so good! If I had to pick one though I’m really enjoying ‘All Here’ by Spring Owls.”

What song would you like to add as a bonus track and why?

“Lissy Taylor – ‘Young’. It’s an absolute tune, I can tell there’s like a dark post punk vibe to her songwriting while keeping it relevant and fresh, I’m all over it.”

Photo credits: Nathan Rowlands (solo photos) Glamgigpics (group photo).

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