In the spotlight – Anger Bang

In the spotlight – Anger Bang

We first heard of Anger Bang when they submitted their track ‘The Stones’ in September 2020. Anger Bang is currently in our chart with their song ‘Shiit’. We know they like the Beastie Boys sound, but what else is there to learn about the band?

Who are Anger Bang?

“Anger Bang consists of 4 members, myself (B Plan), uncle Jay, special K, and Tys1. We are just four friends who like to make music and enjoy a few beers together to get the creative juices flowing. We are kind of childish and silly when we get together and we all have the same sick sense of humor, so it works.”

How and when did you meet? When did you decide to make music together?

“Jay, Tys1 and myself are all from the same small town in Ontario (Canada), but managed to find each other in Vancouver many years later. When we hung out we were always playing music so we started the band, Anger Bang. Jay and I came up with the name.”

“We started performing at open mics and then one night we met Kevin. Kevin saw us perform after him and introduced himself and we just clicked. Kevin is in a funk band, Dare2funk, but wanted to do hip hop and liked our style. He’s a great musician and an even better friend.”

“At that point Jay, Tys1 and myself were using garage band to record and didn’t really know how to produce or master our songs, but Kevin went to school for that stuff. When we made our first song together I sent a garage band rough copy to Kevin and when he sent it back it sounded way different (as in better) and professional. He was the missing link.”

How do you distribute roles/responsibilities within the band?

“We all contribute in making the music as we will hang out Wednesdays and Saturdays and have a few beers and make beats for me and Jay to come up with lyrics during the week. My drinking friends have a music problem. (laughs)”

Who writes your lyrics?

“Kevin and Jay are amazing musicians. Kevin also dj’s and works as an engineer at a BC University. I can play a bit of drums and guitar but I’m more focused on lyrics as Jay and Kevin are light years beyond me when it comes to music skills.”

Can you describe your creative process when you write new music?

“Jay and I will come up with the hooks to our songs and then we send them to Tys1 for him to write his verses. After the song is done, it goes to Kevin who will mix and master them.“

Are any of you involved in other music projects?

“As I said, Kevin has his own band called Dare2funk and so we are working on a hip hop funk album and will release it after we release this new “old school” hip hop album ‘Altered beats’ that’s just getting completed.”

What’s next for Anger Bang?

“I think Jay, Kevin and I might make a rebel country album, because Jay loves writing country songs and I have to admit they are pretty funny, so I’m down for it. We already have almost 10 rough copy songs done, but the album won’t be finished anytime soon.“

What artists are getting you excited at the moment?

“Artists that get me hyped now are people like Tom MacDonald, who are not afraid to tell it like it is and pisses off the cancel culture people for telling the truth. I love it.”

What’s your favourite song from the Cool 20?

“Right now I’m digging Twelve A.M. Flowers’ ‘Darling, Darling’ on the top 20 list. It’s something I can relate to. I checked out some of their other music and its pretty good.”

You can listen to Anger Bang on Spotify and YouTube. On Souncloud you can usually find songs that haven’t been released on Spotify yet.



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